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You Just Need A Spark

ImageSometimes all it takes is a spark to infuse the greatest amount of creativity into a long overdue project.  Let’s face it.  We all have those nagging “back-burner” projects that hang over our heads for endless amounts of time, at least I do anyway.  Every time I think about it, I am riddled with confusion on exactly what I want the outcome of my project to be.  I change my mind endless amounts times and in the end I simply put my project back in its holding place on the back burner once again until I am inspired once again with creativity.  I do not lack in the creativity department but there is just something about a home improvement project that throws my mental creativity anchor out almost every time.  Like many of you out there with this problem, work, family and life keep me pretty busy.  I don’t have time to watch endless hours of HGTV or search the Internet to trip across nuggets of good ideas.

I have discovered two resources which instantly pulled up my mental anchor and got my brain moving in the right direction.  Houzz is resource which provides one of the largest collections of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet, including kitchens and bathrooms. The nice thing about this resource is that it is broken down by the many areas of your home that may need updating.  For me this is a necessity in streamlining both my motivation and my thoughts.  If you want ideas for your Laundry Room…BOOM! There’s a section for that.  Need some inspiration for your Garage?  BOOM!  There’s a section for that too.  There’s a stream of mental confetti for any project you may be looking to complete.

There is absolutely something for everyone in each and every mah-velous section.  I looked up Kitchens and there were 99,197 Kitchen Design Photos.  Are you kidding me!  How can you not be inspired with that many awe inspiring, inspiration driving, motivation sparking ideas?!  So if you have THAT project that you’ve been struggling to finish, worry no more.  Just head over to and put your ideas in high gear.

Once you have filled your proverbial project cylo, call B & D Construction and we’ll take your ideas and dreams and turn them into one spectacular finished project right down to the last and final detail.

See you at the idea board!

Contract signing to start

As a homeowner when you contract your construction project to a company, you make take it for granted that you sign on the dotted line, submit a deposit and the project is ready to start.  Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple. 

In reality, there are many things that must happen between the time a contract is signed and the day we start work.

  • Building plans need to be developed and approved.
  • All necessary permits must be submitted and approved by the town/city.  Most jobs require detailed building plans for permitting.
  • All colors must be selected and ordered for roofing, siding,  windows, etc.  Some materials have extended lead time.
  • All materials must be ordered and scheduled to be delievered prior to the project start.
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodels need to have cabinets and counters selected for ordering (cabinets can take 6-8 weeks).
  • Flooring should be chosen, allowing up to 6 weeks for some styles.

Prior to work beginning, keep in mind:

  • All fragile items should be removed from work areas and walls.
  • Furniture should be moved out of the work areas.
  • Curtains/drapes should be removed prior to window installation.
  • Cabinets and closets should be cleaned out if there is work being done in those areas.
  • Burglar alarm systems should be turned off during work hours, as vibration often sets them off.