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A Home Builders Chronology by Laurie DaRosa


 Hello Friends!!!  This week’s blog is going to be about appliances.  If you are ever in the market for new appliances I suggest you go to Clarke’s in Milford.  Or, if you just want to experience a fabulous field trip, head on over.

Clarke’s only carries one brand of each appliance.  They do all your research for you and choose the appliances they feel are the best out there. The Saleswoman was extremely knowledgeable and quite good.  She made me want to buy everything!!! Of course my practical, sensible husband was with me, thankfully. 

In keeping with our Made In America theme, we have attempted to chose appliances that were made here. The Sub-Zero Freezer Company was founded in 1945, by Westye F. Bakke in Madison, Wisconsin.  The company currently has production facilities in Madison, Wisconsin,; Phoenix, Arizona; Richmond, Kentucky; and , Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Isn’t that awesome! 

There is so much to learn.  We had a Sub-Zero in our last home and never once did we have a problem.  So we knew that is what we wanted.  This time we went with a bigger refrigerator because after all there are two of us.  Not sure why we felt the need now that our children are grown and both married, we needed a bigger fridge.  I think it is for all our family and friends that will be stopping by 😉

I had been doing research on Steam Ovens.  I am a vegan therefore veggies are my fiends.  One of the healthiest ways to preserve all the nutrients of cooked veggies is to steam them.  What I found out is that steaming is also the best way to heat up leftovers.  Another of my favorite things to do!!!  I was sold.  I forwent the microwave for the steam oven.  The Steam Oven is made by Wolf Range Company, a California based company that was acquired by Sub-Zero Company.  Yeah for the US of A!

I once went to a friend’s house and they had a warming drawer.  Since we love to entertain, I thought that would be a great idea.  Instead of two ovens, I went with the warming drawer.

As for our stove, I decided I wanted to get be able to grill inside.  We decided to get a range that allows us to do so.    I can’t wait to try it out.  Once again…Made In America!!!

On to the dishwasher.  Sorry to say this but we bought an Asko Dishwasher.  It is made in Vara, Sweden on a family farm.  I’m OK with that.  The man designed the original for his Mom.  How bad can he be, he loves his Mom!  It is very quiet and energy efficient.

One more thing checked off my list  We are getting there.  Talk soon!



 Where to begin?

As previously mentioned, I love to cook.  I have this overwhelming desire to feed people.  Therefore, my kitchen is a very important part of the home.  As we all know this is also were everyone congregates when you have a gathering.  I was so in love with my last kitchen that I am afraid I cannot love another as much. 

 The first stage is to come up with a design.  I know the setup I want and how I want the kitchen to work.  Now I have to relay this to a person to draw it out for me.   I was told to figure out my appliance sizes so they can be worked into the cabinets.  The appliance blog will be coming!  My last kitchen had panels on the appliances, this made them look like part of the cabinets.  I am not so sure I want that for this kitchen.

There are so many choices out there:  painted, stained, raised panel, shaker style.  Do you want the island to be the same color?  Are you going to incorporate different colors?  Do you want the cabinet to be inlaid or resting on top?  Really…why so many choices? 

 There are so many different name brands as well.  My last kitchen was Plain & Fancy so I wanted to do my new kitchen with same.  The cabinets are made in Pennsylvania. We are trying to do as much as we can using products made right here in the ol’ US of A.

 I am getting prices from two different companies.  I attempted to do three but that just didn’t work out.  I think I intimidated the third person because he has never called me back.  Can you imagine? 

I love different ideas, so creative people make me very happy.  I found a company that has all women working and owning it.  What a wonderful group of women.  The other company is the one that did my last kitchen. 

After several meetings with each, I believe we came up with the design.  The prices are very similar and the design of the kitchen is fairly similar.  The bathrooms are different.  Now the decision…my husband and I are revisiting the new company today because we really liked her concepts more.  The fact that she assigned a project manager to our project makes him very happy.  Stay tuned!!!