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Fall Checklist

After a hot and steamy summer, most of us are ready for autumn! 

Here are some tips to prepare your home for a New England autumn.

1~ Check your windows & doors for air and water leaks

2~ Check gutters & downspouts for proper drainage

3~ Check waste pip flanges & chimneys for leaks

4~ Check decks, porches and stairs for damage

5~ Check handrails and railings for safety

6~ Check your basement for cracks & leaks

7~ Check for damaged or missing roofing shingles

8~ Check to make sure your siding is propertly secure

Please give us a call if you find any issues or need help with any preparations for fall 508-823-2413.


10 Manageable Home Improvement Projects

10 Manageable Home Improvement Projects – From re-doing a bathroom to adding a dormer; will increase your satisfaction with your home while adding to its value!

1 ~ Open your kitchen – There are many ways to make the kitchen accessible to the living and dining areas. You can widen a doorway, create a pass-thru, knock down the upper half of a wall or remove an entire wall or maybe add an island or peninsula.

2 ~ Modernize your kitchen – Even if your kitchen layout works well, if its décor hasn’t been changed in a while, you may want to freshen things up.  New faucets, counter tops or cabinets will give your kitchen a surprising lift !

3 ~ Make over your bathrooms – Spiffing up a bathroom is one of the most pleasing changes you can make to your home without breaking the bank.  New flooring, faucets, vanities and adding lighting can go a long way.

 4 ~ Add a bathroom – Many older homes were built without bathrooms on each floor or without master baths.  Finding space can be difficult, try looking in an alcove, under stairs or in a mudroom. 

5 ~ Finish your basement – This space can be used as anything from a playroom, workout room, home theater or an additional family room.

6 ~ Find storage space – Another way to make your home more livable is to uncover storage you didn’t know you had.  Finding “dead space” can add storage you didn’t know was available.

7 ~ Create built-in storage – Built-ins can accommodate TV’s, DVD players, kid’s toys and clutter items you may want to store.

8 ~ Add a dormer – Adding a dormer to a slanted room can give you more usable space and valuable head room.  It’s also a good way to transform an unused walk-up attic.

9 ~ Put a studio or office in an outbuilding – It’s not uncommon to add a studio or office space to the second floor, but a newer trend is to create a separate work space in an outbuilding on your property.  You can even erect a new outbuilding as long as zoning will allow.

10 ~ Add outdoor living space  – Increasing the function of your outdoor space is a great investment and can be as simple as a patio, mahogany deck or a farmers porch.