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How to Prepare for the Upcoming Snow

National weather forecast shows we could get a significant amount of snow this next storm.  Think optimistically and be prepared for the snowfall.  Here are a few tips to help you outlast the cold and snow.

Have water and non-perishable food on hand, in case there are some periods of power outages.  Put fresh batteries on your flashlight to prepare for extended use if necessary.

If using kerosene heaters, maintain ventilation to avoid buildup of toxic fumes. Keep heaters at least 3′ from flammable objects.  And always refuel kerosene heaters outside.

If your boiler/furnace is direct vented be sure to clear away the snow from vents located outside your home. Snow accumulation could potentially hamper the proper operation of direct-vent appliances that expel products of combustion (such as carbon monoxide) to the outdoors.

Homeowners must shovel snow from walkways and driveways.  Don’t forget your roof – we suggest you clean off approximately 6-8′ of snow at the eave ends of the roof. 

After the snow clearing chore is done, use Ice Melt on concrete driveways/steps instead of salt.  Ice Melt is much safer and they also sell pet safe Ice Melt.  Salt tends to destroy the concrete leaving a mess in the Spring, and can irritate the paws of our furry friends.

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