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Preparing Your Home for Fall


Here are some tips to prepare your home for a New England Fall.

BeFunky_thGC8T2VYZ.jpg Check windows & doors for air and water leaks

BeFunky_thGC8T2VYZ.jpgCheck gutters & downspouts for proper drainage

BeFunky_thGC8T2VYZ.jpg Check roof for damaged or missing shingles

BeFunky_thGC8T2VYZ.jpg Check waste pipe flanges & chimneys for leaks

BeFunky_thGC8T2VYZ.jpg Check handrails and railings for safety

BeFunky_thGC8T2VYZ.jpg Have your chimney cleaned, and ready for those warm, cozy fires

BeFunky_thGC8T2VYZ.jpg Insulate and weatherstrip to have your home all sealed up for winter

Please give us a call if you find any issues or need help with any preparations for fall 508-823-2413.