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Is your contractor pulling a permit?

by Matt Striebe

Having a proper permit pulled is one of the most important aspects of any project you are doing in your home.  Almost every job should have a permit pulled.  Different cities and towns have different requirements for when a permit must be pulled. When doing work to your home, one of the first questions you should ask your contractor is if they are pulling a permit?

Permits ensure that the work being performed is up to code.  Depending on the size and scope of your project, inspections of the work being done may be required to ensure the work has been done safely, properly and is code compliant.  It also ensures that your city or town has proper records of the changes that have been made to the home.

Pulling a permit also ensures that your contractor has the proper licensing and insurance to undertake the project.  If anything was to happen during the project and the contractor was not carrying any insurance, the homeowner would be held liable.  Having insurance gives the homeowner peace of mind that injuries on the jobsite or any unforeseen damage done to the home during construction will be covered by the contractor and not end up being the homeowner’s responsibility.

Best of all, the homeowner doesn’t have to do any work to get the permit pulled.  It is the contractor’s responsibility to get the permit, schedule the inspections, and ensure their work is up to code. Permits are required by all cities or towns when a home renovation takes place.  So on your next project; make sure to ask your contractor if they are going to pull a permit before you sign a contract.  Also, make sure you see the permit before the work begins.