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Five Things Your Contractor Wishes You Knew

Planning a remodel is a big commitment that requires extensive research and resources. What can be a difficult, frustrating process doesn’t have to be.  Save yourself some serious headaches by seeing a remodel from a contractor’s perspective. When it comes down to it, a good client is an educated one. Get to know these five things courtesy of the contractor:

1. The remodel starts with you

Homeowners who are indecisive can be very frustrating for contractors. To make the process smoother, have a clear vision of the finished product before you begin.  By establishing good lines of communication for your expectations, the process can be both enjoyable and successful.

2. Research is encouraged

The quickest way to derail a remodeling venture is by not doing your homework.  Avoid slowing the process and going over budget by thoroughly researching your project and contractor. Visit job sites, talk to client references or price construction materials to find the right fit for your remodel.

3. It’s a budget balancing act

Don’t just cut out the pretty pictures — go through the planning process and know how much you’re willing to spend. Finding a balance between spending too much and spending too little will help you come up with a strategy you and your budget can tolerate.

4. Be realistic about timing

Things that look simple on paper can be time-consuming and costly. From surprising mold underneath the bathroom floor to removing a wall in the kitchen, the key is to be flexible with your schedule. Provide a time frame for the project, but be realistic.

5. Micromanaging slows down the work

The homeowner needs to be part of the process, but contractors caution against micromanaging. It will take longer to complete the project if the contractor is catering to constant homeowner hovering. Touch base with your contractor every other day to maintain open communication.