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Light Fixtures

 A Home Builders Chronology by Laurie DaRosa

TODAY’S DECISION:  Light Fixtures

As you all know from my last blog, I love shiny things.  Have you ever walked into a lighting store?  Hundreds of shiny lights to chose from.  Now begins the path of light fixture discovery. 

I am not a woman that loves to shop.  That is because it all becomes overwhelming to me and I either buy nothing or too many things.  There is no happy medium for me. 

My process begins with trying to pick lights for the outside of the house.  My last house had onion lights.  Love, love, love them until it is time to clean them.  My hands are small and I have trouble sticking it up through the bottom to clean them.  So…no Onion Lights for the new home.  I wanted something nautical looking.  Oh my goodness…there it is, hanging on the wall.  So, I tell the nice gentleman I like this one.  Ok do you want the large or small, hanging, not hanging, what type of finish.  The head starts spinning.  Then he says I have catalogs.  Now I begin to doubt my choice.  Mistake #1…go with your first thought and move on.  He gives me some catalogs and I begin going through them.  Wow!!!  There are millions.  I pull out my plans and count how many and what size lights I will need.  I give the man the numbers, my email and ask him to fax me the price of the original light I liked.

There was an attempt to begin the light fixtures for the inside but, this was enough for one day.  As this was beginning, I began to think recessed lights throughout.  Just kidding!

Stay tuned for my bathroom and kitchen fixtures.  Speed decorating 101…pick it and move on.  Talk soon!